Art should be both revealing & accessible. It must

act as a muse for the viewer, inspire anticipation, & provide intellectual & visual stimulation.

Who I Am

Born in Azerbaijan, Iran, I was educated in England obtaining BS and MS degree in Advance Medical Laboratory Technology specializing in Electron Microscopy and working in Cancer Research for eight years. since 1970 I have resided in the United States. In 1986, I received a Degree in Fine Arts from California State University Northridge, Los Angeles. Since 1993, my work has been widely exhibited in Bay Area galleries as well as in Hawaii and New Mexico. I have been the recipient of several awards and I have exhibited internationally in Paris, France, Stockholm,

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What I Do

I am a mixed media collage artist. I work and create from my heart and feelings.  For me, the challenge in painting comes when the viewer sees something beyond the surface of the subject matter. The successful execution of techniques in a painting is only a matter of practice. The real challenge is to bring out what is beyond the surface, whether it is the feeling or the character. Once it is discovered and unearthed from the depth of the surface, then the painting is complete.

The same theory applies to the viewer. Some see the surface and others see the depth. That is when the love for a piece of art begins.

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