Who I Am

Born in Azerbaijan, Iran, I was educated in England obtaining BS and MS degree in Advance Medical Laboratory Technology specializing in Electron Microscopy and working in Cancer Research for eight years. since 1970 I have resided in the United States. In 1986, I received a Degree in Fine Arts from California State University Northridge, Los Angeles. Since 1993, my work has been widely exhibited in Bay Area galleries as well as in Hawaii and New Mexico. I have been the recipient of several awards and I have exhibited internationally in Paris, France, Stockholm,

Sweden, Oslo,Norway, Rome, Italy and in an on-line show in Beijing, China. I am published in:”International Women Artists”(Vol. 1, 1997 and Vol. 2, 2001), “100 Contemporary Artists”,Art Addiction-World of Art Books (Stockholm, Venice, Vol. 1, 2003), “The Art of Layering: Making Connection”, (The Society of Layerist in Multimedia, 2004), “Process & Projects”, Alliance of Women Artists, (Vol. 3, 2010),“Visual Journeys: Art in the 21st Century”, Society of Layerists in MultiMedia, Vol.3, 2010. Presently, I reside with my husband and family in Marin County in Northern California.

Jaleh’s first painting (age 14)

As a child, I used to stare at my mother’s beautiful oil paintings and dream of becoming an artist just like her. Much later, I left a career in cancer research to raise my own family. During that time, I rediscovered my childhood passion, and became committed to the academic, personal, and professional pursuit of art.