As an artist, my objective is to make art that is both revealing and accessible but also acts as a muse for the viewer, one that inspires anticipation and provides intellectual and visual stimulation.

I gather my inspiration from people, books, dreams, or unexpected emotions. I paint in series on different themes, working predominantly in collage and mixed media. I paint complex forms, shapes, and lines in bold colors to express my emotions and thoughts, and my spark for life and beauty. For me, the color yellow signifies hope, and the color gold shows richness of the soul.


For me, the challenge in painting comes when the viewer sees something beyond the surface of the subject matter. The successful execution of techniques in a painting is only a matter of practice. The real challenge is to bring out what is beyond the surface, whether it is the feeling or the character. Once it is discovered and unearthed from the depth of the surface, then the painting is complete.

The same theory applies to the viewer. Some see the surface and others see the depth. That is when the love for a piece of art begins.


I, grow with my art, keeping my horizons open and exciting, challenging my creativity. My purpose and aim is to be able to have a visual language interaction with the viewer, capturing their lingering thoughts. It is my hope that this spark of life within the created forms will provoke inquiry into the realms of emotion and intellect. If I am able to achieve just this fact, then I see the painting as a successful work.