Spring to Life – Opulence Series 4

Spring to Life – Opulence Series 4

“…it is not how you paint, it is how you feel when you paint.”

Click here to see the full image. In this series of work, the visual language I am creating tells the story of the elements of nature, the sun, the moon, the wind and the rain.  I am capturing the essence of these natural elements which plays a big role in human kindness to one  another.


Saadi, the 12th century Persian poet, has a poem in “Golistan, meaning The Rose Garden”, is a collection of poems and stories. It is widely quoted as a source of wisdom.

Cloud and wind, moon and sun move in the sky

That thou mayest gain bread, and not eat it unconcerned.

For thee all are revolving and obedient.

It is against the requirements of justice if thou obeyest not.

This poem  says all the elements of nature, the sun, the moon, the wind and the rain work together so you can live and remember your fellow humans kindly.

In another poem, Saadi says:

Of what use will be a dish of roses to thee?

Take a leaf from my rose-garden.

A flower endures but five or six days

But this rose-garden is always delightful.

just as a rose-garden is a collection of roses.


Media:  acrylic, glass, inks, digital print, Washi paper on canvas

Size: 40″h x 30″w



Limited Edition prints are available in two sizes :

8″x10″  matted (11″x14″)     $75

11″x14   1/4″matted (16″x20″)    $200