Garden of Eden in 2008

Garden of Eden in 2008

Click here to see full image. A Persian Garden is in the back of my mind; immaculately planned flower gardens, paths lined with tall birch trees, small waterfalls running peacefully in the center of the garden. Suddenly reality hits, chaos takes over I am searching for beauty and love. I am trying to paint my garden, in 21st century. I find peace, somehow, by using my color of hope which is yellow. Is this healing? Yes, this hopeful painting calms my soul. I find my childhood innocence, The rays of sun lead my path out of this chaotic life. Now I realize strength and drive to live calmly.

This painting is published in “Visual Journeys-Art of the 21st Century”.

Media:  acrylic, inks, Washi paper digital print, positive film on canvas

Size: ¬†36″h x 56″w